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New Year Detox and Why It is Important

By Merab Inyika January 10, 2020


10 days into the New Year and we are all thinking; what is the best way to detox after a bit of holiday bingeing. The truth is, your body detoxes just fine on its own: your system is programmed to naturally keep your body clean 24/7. That said, you can still give your body’s natural detoxing powers a boost by making small adjustments to your diet and daily routine.

Body detox or cleansing doesn’t mean drinking green juice, but rather being mindful of what you eat. It's all about refreshing the body by eating lighter amounts of clean foods that are nutritious.

Start your morning with a cup of warm lemon water. This helps get your system started and aids your digestive health. Remember to stay hydrated throughout; a liter or two is all you need to feel good all day.

For breakfast, you will need something gentle and balancing on the gut. Smoothies are a great idea. Avocados are a great source of healthy fats so don’t leave them out. Think of berries and their antioxidant value, banana is great for potassium and vitamins. Seeds would also be a great idea in this mixture. Things like Chia and Flax seeds are a great source of plant-based protein and also high in omega3 fatty acids. Use Almond or Coconut milk to mix.

For lunch, you could decide to do a smoothie bowl or go for something as light as fish and vegetables. Fish is a great source of proteins and Omega3s. White meat is generally considered healthier than red meat; it is also easy to digest. Always aim to eat more vegetables.

Dinners should be the most interesting one. Soups are good. Make your soup with all your favorite vegetables, herbs, and protein. Cleansing is not about deprivation, so have fun in the kitchen and make to make eating a joyful experience. It’s also very important to have your dinner early on cleanse day to give your body enough time to digest and recover.

Tea after dinner is always a great idea. So go on have a cup of your herbal tea. I love mine with ginger or cinnamon. Help me sleep better!


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