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By Merab Inyika December 17, 2019

Moringa Water

Diet is the first thing to observe when beginning to rebalance your hormones. Hormones are directly linked to gut health and the bacteria within our microbiomes. The nutrients we consume are integral to maintaining a healthy hormonal system. Antioxidants, healthy fats, and protein are all essential in restoring a healthy hormonal foundation. For men, diet is also key in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Dark leafy greens are essential in both gut and hormone health, which makes Moringa all the more important in fostering a solid foundation of nutrition. If you suspect that you might be suffering from hormonal imbalance, try adding Moringa to your diet. The leafy green is known to assist in hormone regulation through its high concentration of health-promoting compounds.

Moringa’s high levels of vitamin A and C reduce inflammation and decrease the impact of stress on our bodies. Consuming a healthy dose of antioxidants not only eases the symptoms that come along with hormone imbalance, but also addresses the root cause.

The plant protein-packed into Moringa’s tiny leaves provides one of the healthiest ways to consume amino acids. Plant protein inherently sidesteps the harmful antibiotics and hormones often found in animal proteins. It is also alkaline-forming, which leads to less inflammation and a healthier gut.

Moringa contains an impressive amount of fiber which can regulate estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels within the body. Fiber helps to regulate blood sugar and also works to clean out the digestive tract and liver. Supporting the digestive tract and liver allows our hormones to pass through the body rather than circulating back into the bloodstream, which leads to imbalances.


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