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The Best Way to Store Chia Seeds

By Merab Inyika May 02, 2019

Super foods, like Chia seeds and flax seeds are becoming more and more common in kitchens across the world. Now that we all know what these seeds are and why you should eat them, it’s time you learn more about storage

The best way to store Chia seeds – and all superfoods – is preferably in a glass jar.

Sounds simple enough, but storing your superfoods this way is super important. Here’s why:

1. Easy Access: You can see what you have and how much you have left.

A number of opaque containers get pushed to the back of the shelves, and you might not even know they’re there. Storing them in a see-through container means you’ll use more of them, more often.

Tip: use a label or masking tape to add the name to the lid if there’s a chance you might forget what’s in the jar.

2. Extended shelf life:  Seeds contain delicate oils, and those oils can quickly spoil.

Storing them in a cool dry place will extend their shelf life; this will save you money in the long run. Mason jars can also be sealed tightly, which keeps the air out and helps prevent oxidation.

Note: If your superfoods came in a package on the shelf –most seeds often are – that’s perfectly fine. Some companies vacuum seal their packages to store at room temperature to be shelf-stable. 

3. Fewer dishes: Most of these superfoods are easy to pour out of the jar; fewer scoops and spoons mean fewer dishes.

Sprinkling your favorite superfoods onto salads and into the blender with your smoothie ingredients has never been easier. Use the lid as a guide if you have a heavy pouring hand.

Here are a few of the superfoods that you can store in mason jars

  • Raw almonds
  • Raw hemp seeds
  • Ground flaxseeds
  • Raw sunflower seeds
  • Cacao (raw cocoa powder)
  • Chia seeds
  • Dried goji berries

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