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Black Seed oil for Detox

By Merab Inyika July 10, 2020

Black seed oil

Detoxification refers to the process by which harmful toxins are released from the body. Although the body is naturally able to eliminate toxins through the liver, sweat and urine, following a specific diet or using special products can enhance the body’s natural detoxification systems. A detox diet is a great way to take the pressure off the organs to maintain their efficiency in the future.

Every kind of physiological function in the body depends on enzymes to manufacture molecules, produce energy and create cell structures. A buildup of toxins in the body may damage enzymes and thus undermine various bodily functions such as production of hemoglobin in the blood or accelerating aging.

Toxins may also impair the body’s natural ability to detoxify. It becomes harder to detoxify when there is an excessive amount of toxins in the body. This is because the more toxins you have burdening your system, the greater the damage to the body’s detoxification pathways. This is why it is important to detoxify organs and toxin removal pathways.

Black seed oil is naturally antimicrobial. When consumed it can prevent certain digestive tract infections. Studies show that regular consumption of black seed oil along with omeprazole helps to eliminate H. Pylori. This is a bacterium that is found in the stomach which can cause stomach ulcers.

Studies have also shown that due to its antimicrobial properties, black seed oil can be used to reduce viral load for people with hepatitis C. This significantly reduces limb swelling which is a major problem for people with this condition.

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and blood fats called triglycerides are responsible for high unhealthy cholesterol levels. Black seed oil can be used with garlic in order to reduce this bad cholesterol while increasing good high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. It significantly improves blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Prolonged high blood sugar levels has been linked to an increase in future complications such as kidney disease, eye disease and stroke. This is particularly true for people who suffer from diabetes. Studies have shown that black seed oil can significantly lower blood sugar levels and is highly recommended for diabetics.

Black seed oil may be used eliminate toxicity caused by drug use. Studies show that it can greatly reduce liver damage caused by drugs used to treat cancer such as methotrexate, used in treatment of leukemia in children.

People who drink little or no alcohol may exhibit a buildup of fat in their liver referred to as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Regular consumption of black seed oil has been shown to reduce this buildup of fat and improve some measures of this liver disease.

Black seed oil contains high levels of antioxidants which helps to prevent cell damage brought about by unstable free radicals. Antioxidants can also protect against conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer by reducing inflammations responsible for these conditions. It can therefore protect brain health and help in preventing several types of cancer.



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