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Black seed oil for inflammations

By Merab Inyika July 03, 2020

black seed oil

Inflammation is an autoimmune response used by the body to fight against harmful things such as infections, injuries and toxins in an attempt to heal itself. This process is initiated when body cells are damaged, it includes release of antibodies and proteins as well as increased blood flow to the affected area. However, this process may also be initiated when the body mistakenly perceives its own tissues and cells as harmful. This can lead to inflammatory autoimmune diseases such as diabetes.

There are two types of inflammations that is, acute and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is characterized by pain, redness and swelling. Chronic inflammation may go unnoticed as its symptoms are subtler. Over time, chronic inflammation may lead to damage of healthy body cells, tissues and organs. This condition can be controlled and treated by medication, supplements and adopting an anti-inflammatory diet.

Black seed oil has been used as a herbal remedy for thousands of years. It has great potential in treating some of the most common conditions such as high blood pressure and asthma. The oil contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic properties. These can help fight against inflammation inside the body and on the skin. Here are some of the health conditions linked to inflammation which can be treated by black seed oil.

Black seed oil may be of great help for people with diabetes. Studies show that it significantly improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  1. Nasal inflammation.

Black seed oil reduces the presence of nasal congestion and itching. It could also help in the treatment of sinusitis. This is due to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic effects.

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis.

Using black seed oil greatly reduces the symptoms of inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis. Studies show that using the oilleads to a reduction in the levels of inflammatory markers and number of swollen joints.

This is a chronic disorder of the airway characterized by blockage of airflow, bronchial hyper-responsiveness and underlying inflammation. Black seed has an anti-inflammatory effect which improves the symptoms of asthma. This significantly reduces inflammation in the airways. It also helps improve the symptoms of bronchitis.

  1. Obesity

Black seed oil contains linoleic and oleic fatty acids which have been shown to help maintain normal cholesterol levels. Studies show that a good exercise regime supplemented with black seed oil is effective in reducing body weight.

  1. High blood pressure

Black seed oil consumption has been shown to reduce high blood pressure in people who suffer from high blood pressure.

  1. Wound healing.

Applying black seed oil to a wound significantly reduces inflammation and the presence of bacteria aiding in wound healing. It stimulates growth factors to help the body create new skin.

It is also possible that black seed oil may increase the effectiveness of medicines that the body processes through the cytochrome pathway. However, it is not recommended for use by pregnant women or women trying to conceive. The best way to gain the benefits of black seed oil is to include it into your daily diet.


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